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7 results for "victim"
1. Aristophanes, Birds, 1705, 1704 (5th cent. BCE - 4th cent. BCE)  Tagged with subjects: •nan Found in books: Lupu(2005) 313
1704. πανταχοῦ τῆς ̓Αττικῆς ἡ
2. Herodotus, Histories, 2.39 (5th cent. BCE - 5th cent. BCE)  Tagged with subjects: •victim (sacrificial), head of Found in books: Lupu(2005) 313
2.39. After leading the marked beast to the altar where they will sacrifice it, they kindle a fire; then they pour wine on the altar over the victim and call upon the god; then they cut its throat, and having done so sever the head from the body. ,They flay the carcass of the victim, then invoke many curses on its head, which they carry away. Where there is a market, and Greek traders in it, the head is taken to the market and sold; where there are no Greeks, it is thrown into the river. ,The imprecation which they utter over the heads is that whatever ill threatens those who sacrifice, or the whole of Egypt , fall upon that head. ,In respect of the heads of sacrificed beasts and the libation of wine, the practice of all Egyptians is the same in all sacrifices; and from this ordice no Egyptian will taste of the head of anything that had life.
3. Athenaeus, The Learned Banquet, None (2nd cent. CE - 3rd cent. CE)  Tagged with subjects: •nan Found in books: Lupu(2005) 313
4. Epigraphy, Lsam, 54, 12  Tagged with subjects: •nan Found in books: Lupu(2005) 72
5. Epigraphy, Lscg, 116, 151, 173, 85, 28  Tagged with subjects: •nan Found in books: Lupu(2005) 165
6. Epigraphy, Lss, 93  Tagged with subjects: •victim (sacrificial), head of Found in books: Lupu(2005) 313
7. Epigraphy, Seg, 47.196  Tagged with subjects: •victim (sacrificial), head of Found in books: Lupu(2005) 313