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3 results for "retro-projection"
1. Philo of Alexandria, On The Life of Moses, 2.41-2.42 (1st cent. BCE - missingth cent. CE)  Tagged with subjects: •retro-projection, in letter of aristeas, of origins of the lxx Found in books: Honigman (2003) 135
2.41. On which account, even to this very day, there is every year a solemn assembly held and a festival celebrated in the island of Pharos, to which not only the Jews but a great number of persons of other nations sail across, reverencing the place in which the first light of interpretation shone forth, and thanking God for that ancient piece of beneficence which was always young and fresh. 2.42. And after the prayers and the giving of thanks some of them pitched their tents on the shore, and some of them lay down without any tents in the open air on the sand of the shore, and feasted with their relations and friends, thinking the shore at that time a more beautiful abode than the furniture of the king's palace.
2. Ammonius Hermiae, In Aristotelis Categorias Commentarius, 10-11, 29-30, 308-309, 31, 310-311, 314-316, 9, 96-97, 99, 98 (5th cent. CE - 6th cent. CE)  Tagged with subjects: •nan Found in books: Honigman (2003) 141
3. Papyri, P.Ryl., 3.458  Tagged with subjects: •retro-projection, in letter of aristeas, of origins of the lxx Found in books: Honigman (2003) 135