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3 results for "pallas"
1. Ovid, Fasti, 6.639-6.647 (1st cent. BCE - missingth cent. CE)  Tagged with subjects: •pallas (freedman of claudius) Found in books: Viglietti and Gildenhard (2020) 361
6.639. disce tamen, veniens aetas, ubi Livia nunc est 6.640. porticus, immensae tecta fuisse domus; 6.641. urbis opus domus una fuit, spatiumque tenebat, 6.642. quo brevius muris oppida multa tenent, 6.643. haec aequata solo est, nullo sub crimine regni, 6.644. sed quia luxuria visa nocere sua, 6.645. sustinuit tantas operum subvertere moles 6.646. totque suas heres perdere Caesar opes, 6.647. sic agitur censura et sic exempla parantur, 6.639. And Livia, this day dedicated a magnificent shrine to you, 6.640. Concordia, that she offered to her dear husband. 6.641. Learn this, you age to come: where Livia’s Colonnade 6.642. Now stands, there was once a vast palace. 6.643. A site that was like a city: it occupied a space 6.644. Larger than that of many a walled town. 6.645. It was levelled to the soil, not because of its owner’s treason, 6.646. But because its excess was considered harmful. 6.647. Caesar counteced the demolition of such a mass,
2. Suetonius, Augustus, 73, 72 (1st cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)  Tagged with subjects: •nan Found in books: Viglietti and Gildenhard (2020) 361
3. Epigraphy, Cil, 9.1556  Tagged with subjects: •pallas (freedman of claudius) Found in books: Viglietti and Gildenhard (2020) 361