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1 results for "juno"
1. Vergil, Aeneis, 2.647-2.649, 3.476, 7.305, 10.758-10.759  Tagged with subjects: •juno lacinia, pity of Found in books: Braund and Most (2004) 237
2.647. and Priam's own; upon its sacred bourne 2.648. the sentry, all in arms, kept watch and ward. 2.649. Confusion, groans, and piteous turmoil 3.476. In Troy she bore him—is he mourning still 7.305. has sued us to be friends. But Fate's decree 10.758. though all in Turnus' van; and Numa bold 10.759. and Camers tawny-tressed, the son and heir