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2 results for "iulus"
1. Valerius Flaccus Gaius, Argonautica, 1.531-1.535, 1.558-1.560, 3.551-3.561, 4.5-4.8  Tagged with subjects: •iulus (ascanius) Found in books: Blum and Biggs (2019) 63, 82
2. Vergil, Aeneis, 4.175, 5.613-5.615, 5.622-5.629, 7.496, 9.638-9.639, 9.641, 10.261  Tagged with subjects: •iulus (ascanius) Found in books: Blum and Biggs (2019) 63, 82, 142, 164
4.175. to hem the wood with snares, I will arouse 5.613. the helmet and the sword—but left behind 5.614. Entellus' prize of victory, the bull. 5.615. He, then, elate and glorying, spoke forth: 5.622. wung sheer between the horns and crushed the skull; 5.623. a trembling, lifeless creature, to the ground 5.624. the bull dropped forward dead. Above the fallen 5.625. Entellus cried aloud, “This victim due 5.626. I give thee, Eryx , more acceptable 5.627. than Dares' death to thy benigt shade. 5.628. For this last victory and joyful day, 7.496. along the public ways; as oft one sees 9.638. himself in glorious arms. Then every chief 9.639. awoke his mail-clad company, and stirred 9.641. Tumultuously shouting, they impaled 10.261. of the Ligurians, Cinyrus; nor thine,