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1 results for "fear"
1. Septuagint, 4 Maccabees, 1.23, 7.10, 13.3, 13.7, 15.1, 15.23, 16.2, 16.12-16.13  Tagged with subjects: •fear, association with grief Found in books: Mermelstein (2021) 37
1.23. Fear precedes pain and sorrow comes after. 7.10. O aged man, more powerful than tortures; O elder, fiercer than fire; O supreme king over the passions, Eleazar! 13.3. But in fact it was not so. Instead, by reason, which is praised before God, they prevailed over their emotions. 13.7. o the seven-towered right reason of the youths, by fortifying the harbor of religion, conquered the tempest of the emotions. 15.1. O reason of the children, tyrant over the emotions! O religion, more desirable to the mother than her children! 15.23. But devout reason, giving her heart a man's courage in the very midst of her emotions, strengthened her to disregard her temporal love for her children. 16.2. Thus I have demonstrated not only that men have ruled over the emotions, but also that a woman has despised the fiercest tortures. 16.12. Yet the sacred and God-fearing mother did not wail with such a lament for any of them, nor did she dissuade any of them from dying, nor did she grieve as they were dying, 16.13. but, as though having a mind like adamant and giving rebirth for immortality to the whole number of her sons, she implored them and urged them on to death for the sake of religion.