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Tiresias: The Ancient Mediterranean Religions Source Database

Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q491: reference List

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Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q491, 0 Keener(2005), First-Second Corinthians, 238, Werline et al. (2008), Experientia, Volume 1: Inquiry Into Religious Experience in Early Judaism and Christianity, 53, Poorthuis and Schwartz (2006), A Holy People: Jewish And Christian Perspectives on Religious Communal Identity.58, Feldman, Goldman and Dimant (2014), Scripture and Interpretation: Qumran Texts That Rework the Bible206, 296, 333, Swartz (2018), The Mechanics of Providence: The Workings of Ancient Jewish Magic and Mysticism.65
Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q491, 1-3 Noam (2018), Shifting Images of the Hasmoneans: Second Temple Legends and Their Reception in Josephus and Rabbinic Literature, 99
Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q491, 4Q491 Boustan Janssen and Roetzel (2010), Violence, Scripture, and Textual Practices in Early Judaism and Christianity, 37
Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q491, 8-10_i_2-13
Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q491, 11.2.10 Bakker (2023), The Secret of Time: Reconfiguring Wisdom in the Dead Sea Scrolls.65
Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q491, 11_i_14
Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q491, fr.11_1.13-14
Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q491, fr._1
Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q491, line_1