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Tiresias: The Ancient Mediterranean Religions Source Database

Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q448: reference List

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Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q448, 0 Ruzer (2020), Early Jewish Messianism in the New Testament: Reflections in the Dim Mirror, 53, Brooke et al. (2008), Past Renewals: Interpretative Authority, Renewed Revelation, and the Quest for Perfection in Jewish Antiquity, 29, Tomson (2019), Studies on Jews and Christians in the First and Second Centuries.201, Feldman, Goldman and Dimant (2014), Scripture and Interpretation: Qumran Texts That Rework the Bible52
Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q448, 2.1 Levison (2023), The Greek Life of Adam and Eve.835
Dead Sea Scrolls, 4Q448, 4q448 Flatto (2021), The Crown and the Courts, 272, 61, Buster (2022), Remembering the Story of Israel Historical Summaries and Memory Formation in Second Temple Judaism.223