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Tertullian, On Prayer, 27

nanThe more diligent in prayer are wont to subjoin in their prayers the Hallelujah, and such kind of psalms, in the closes of which the company respond. And, of course, every institution is excellent which, for the extolling and honouring of God, aims unitedly to bring Him enriched prayer as a choice victim.

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alexis (comic poet),alleluia Cosgrove (2022) 312
apostolic tradition Cosgrove (2022) 312
bible,books,john Cosgrove (2022) 312
bible,books,mark Cosgrove (2022) 312
bible,books,matthew Cosgrove (2022) 312
christians,community meals/dinner parties Cosgrove (2022) 312
christians,last supper Cosgrove (2022) 312
eucharist Cosgrove (2022) 312
gospel of john Cosgrove (2022) 312
gospel of mark Cosgrove (2022) 312
gospel of matthew Cosgrove (2022) 312
hymns,at the last supper' Cosgrove (2022) 312
last supper Cosgrove (2022) 312
paul,the apostle Cosgrove (2022) 312
tertullian,on alleluia Cosgrove (2022) 312