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Tertullian, On Prayer, 14

nanAlbeit Israel washed daily all his limbs over, yet is he never clean. His hands, at all events, are ever unclean, eternally dyed with the blood of the prophets, and of the Lord Himself; and on that account, as being hereditary culprits from their privity to their fathers' crimes, they do not dare even to raise them unto the Lord, for fear some Isaiah should cry out, Isaiah 1:15 for fear Christ should utterly shudder. We, however, not only raise, but even expand them; and, taking our model from the Lord's passion even in prayer we confess to Christ.

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subject book bibliographic info
athlete; metaphor for christian Sider (2001) 141
bishop; high priest with right of baptism,; as criminals Sider (2001) 141
blessing,; athletes Sider (2001) 141
faith; cold Sider (2001) 141
fear; of persecution Sider (2001) 141
hope; persecution stimulates Sider (2001) 141
justice (injustice); latin terms for Sider (2001) 141
justice (injustice); of persecution Sider (2001) 141
love; persecution stimulates Sider (2001) 141
persecution; as contest and judgment Sider (2001) 141
persecution; is good Sider (2001) 141
persecution; willed by god,effected by devil Sider (2001) 141
prayer; persecution stimulates Sider (2001) 141
rome; station-; days in Sider (2001) 141
station-stadays; in carthage and in rome' Sider (2001) 141