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Suetonius, Titus, 5

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subject book bibliographic info
alexander the great,model for viri militares Manolaraki (2012) 205
apis,egyptian deity Manolaraki (2012) 205
caesar (caius iulius caesar),foiled by acoreus Manolaraki (2012) 205
emperors and egypt,octavian-augustus Manolaraki (2012) 205
emperors and egypt,titus Manolaraki (2012) 205
germanicus caesar,enters egypt without imperial permission Manolaraki (2012) 205
isaeum campense,temple of isis Manolaraki (2012) 205
logos,logoi,and statius Manolaraki (2012) 205
memphis,cultic center Manolaraki (2012) 205
pliny the elder,and egyptian deities Manolaraki (2012) 205
pompey (gnaeus pompeius magnus),defines egypt and the nile Manolaraki (2012) 205
sophia,investigates egyptian deities Manolaraki (2012) 205
theriomorphism,trademark institution of egypt,criticized by authors Manolaraki (2012) 205
theriomorphism,trademark institution of egypt,investigated by statius Manolaraki (2012) 205
tombs,of apis Manolaraki (2012) 205
tombs,of isis' Manolaraki (2012) 205