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Severus Of Antioch, Letters, 2.10.6

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subject book bibliographic info
basil of caesarea,introductory outline of asceticism Dilley (2019) 51
conferences Dilley (2019) 51
conferences (cassian),on married postulants Dilley (2019) 51
dalmatius Dilley (2019) 51
families,in monastic life Dilley (2019) 51
introductory outline of asceticism (basil of caesarea) Dilley (2019) 51
lives of pachomius,first greek life (v. pach. g1) Dilley (2019) 51
married postulants Dilley (2019) 51
mary (sister of pachomius) Dilley (2019) 51
pachomius,on married postulants Dilley (2019) 51
petronius Dilley (2019) 51
protreptic literature,introductory outline of asceticism' Dilley (2019) 51