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Seneca The Younger, De Brevitate Vitae (Dialogorum Liber X ), 20.4

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None available Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
asprenas,p. Talbert (1984) 153
claudius,,maintains attendance Talbert (1984) 153
curia julia,,heating Talbert (1984) 153
fronto advice to m. aurelius,,and senate attends Talbert (1984) 153
manlius valens,t. Talbert (1984) 153
pomponius bassus,t. Talbert (1984) 153
retirement age Talbert (1984) 153
senate,in latin and greek,,duration Talbert (1984) 153
senate,in latin and greek,,estimates Talbert (1984) 153
senate,in latin and greek,,participation of elderly members Talbert (1984) 153
senators absences,,respect for age Talbert (1984) 153
urbi,praefectus (city prefect)' Talbert (1984) 153
vestricius spurinna Talbert (1984) 153
volusius saturninus,l. Talbert (1984) 153