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Pseudo-Tertullian, To His Wife, 2.6.1

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1. Aristophanes, Acharnians, 978-979, 977 (5th cent. BCE - 4th cent. BCE)

977. οὐδέποτ' ἐγὼ Πόλεμον οἴκαδ' ὑποδέξομαι
2. Horace, Letters, 1.14.22-1.14.26 (1st cent. BCE - 1st cent. BCE)

3. Tertullian, To Scapula, 3.1 (2nd cent. CE - 3rd cent. CE)

4. Tertullian, Apology, 35.4-35.5, 35.7-35.9 (2nd cent. CE - 3rd cent. CE)

32. There is also another and a greater necessity for our offering prayer in behalf of the emperors, nay, for the complete stability of the empire, and for Roman interests in general. For we know that a mighty shock impending over the whole earth - in fact, the very end of all things threatening dreadful woes - is only retarded by the continued existence of the Roman empire. We have no desire, then, to be overtaken by these dire events; and in praying that their coming may be delayed, we are lending our aid to Rome's duration. More than this, though we decline to swear by the genii of the C sars, we swear by their safety, which is worth far more than all your genii. Are you ignorant that these genii are called D mones, and thence the diminutive name D monia is applied to them? We respect in the emperors the ordice of God, who has set them over the nations. We know that there is that in them which God has willed; and to what God has willed we desire all safety, and we count an oath by it a great oath. But as for demons, that is, your genii, we have been in the habit of exorcising them, not of swearing by them, and thereby conferring on them divine honour.
5. Pseudo-Tertullian, Martyrdom of Perpetua And Felicitas, 6.3-6.6, 7.9, 16.2-16.3

Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
acharnians Cosgrove (2022) 228
africa proconsularis (north africa) Tabbernee (2007) 186
aristides,aelius Cosgrove (2022) 237
aristophanes,nonelite parties Cosgrove (2022) 228
athanasius,on taverns/cookshops Cosgrove (2022) 237
bdelycleon (in aristophanes wasps) Cosgrove (2022) 228
christians,as voluntary association Cosgrove (2022) 228
christians,clement of alexandria on singing of Cosgrove (2022) 237
chrysostom,john Cosgrove (2022) 237
clement of alexandria,popular singing Cosgrove (2022) 237
cookshops Cosgrove (2022) 237
demos Cosgrove (2022) 228
harmodius scolion Cosgrove (2022) 228
horace Cosgrove (2022) 237
imperial cult Tabbernee (2007) 186
iobacchi (association in athens) Cosgrove (2022) 228
jewish people,the,voluntary associations Cosgrove (2022) 228
lugdunum (lyons),martyrdoms at Tabbernee (2007) 186
martyrdom/martyrs Tabbernee (2007) 186
nero Cosgrove (2022) 237
non-elites,private parties Cosgrove (2022) 228
non-elites,taverns/cookshops Cosgrove (2022) 237
non-elites,voluntary associations Cosgrove (2022) 228
notation,music Cosgrove (2022) 228, 237
paganism/paganists Tabbernee (2007) 186
pax deorum Tabbernee (2007) 186
perpetua Tabbernee (2007) 186
persecutions' Tabbernee (2007) 186
ps.-virgil,copa Cosgrove (2022) 237
roman/byzantine empire Tabbernee (2007) 186
roman era,taverns/drink shops Cosgrove (2022) 237
scolia,and nonelite private parties Cosgrove (2022) 228
septimius severus Tabbernee (2007) 186
taverns Cosgrove (2022) 237
tertullian,on taverns Cosgrove (2022) 237
tertullian,singing at club meetings and taverns Cosgrove (2022) 228
tertullian Tabbernee (2007) 186
voluntary associations Cosgrove (2022) 228