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Porphyry, Philosophy From Oracles, In Arnobius, Adv.nat. 1

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subject book bibliographic info
arnobius,vituperates pagan oracles Simmons(1995) 229
cyprian,and african gods Simmons(1995) 10
eusebius,and the fons rerum Simmons(1995) 229
jerome,as a reliable witness for arnobius Simmons(1995) 10
jupiter,arnobius attacks immorality of Simmons(1995) 229
maximinus daia Simmons(1995) 10
porphyry,and arnobius polemics Simmons(1995) 229
porphyry,philosophia ex oraculis,de regressu animae Simmons(1995) 10
porphyry,predicts the demise of christianity,ad marcellam Simmons(1995) 10
porphyry,predicts the demise of christianity,historical criticism Simmons(1995) 10
saturn,saturn,cult of Simmons(1995) 229
smith,mark' Simmons(1995) 10