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Plutarch, Whether Land Or Sea Animals Are More Clever, 964c

nanhave left no path, either broad or narrow, by which any may slip in. Autobulus. This, my friend, has been spoken "from the heart." We certainly must not allow philosophers, as though they were women in difficult labour, to put about their necks a charm for speedy delivery so that they may bring justice to birth for us easily and without hard labour. For they themselves do not concede to Epicurus, for the sake of the highest considerations, a thing so small and trifling as the slightest deviation of a single atom — which would permit the stars and living creatures to slip in by chance and would preserve from destruction the principle of free will. But, seeing that they bid him demonstrate whatever is not obvious or take as his starting-point something that is obvious, how are they in any position to make this statement about animals a basis of their own account of justice, when it is neither generally accepted nor otherwise demonstrated by them?

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animal life Long (2006) 164
aristotle Kazantzidis (2021) 28
astronomy Long (2006) 164
atomism,atomists Long (2006) 164
autonomy Long (2006) 164
causation,cause Long (2006) 164
chance Kazantzidis (2021) 28; Long (2006) 164
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plutarch Long (2006) 164
providence Long (2006) 164
serres,michel Kazantzidis (2021) 28
stars Long (2006) 164
stoicism,stoics,cosmology of Long (2006) 164
techne,teleology Long (2006) 164
world formation' Long (2006) 164