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Plutarch, To An Uneducated Ruler, 780c

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None available Subjects of this text:

subject book bibliographic info
democracy Martens (2003) 54
ecphantus,on kingship and living law ideal Martens (2003) 54
king/kingship,and virtue of the people Martens (2003) 45
living law ideal,diotogenes on Martens (2003) 54
living law ideal,ecphantus on Martens (2003) 54
living law ideal,in musonius rufus Martens (2003) 45
living law ideal,virtue of subjects and Martens (2003) 45
mosaic law,for ordinary people Martens (2003) 45, 54
musonius rufus Martens (2003) 45
reason,in kingly rule Martens (2003) 54
rhetorica ad alexandrum Martens (2003) 54
sthenidas of lokri Martens (2003) 54
virtue,and subjects of king' Martens (2003) 45