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Plutarch, Roman Questions, 289d

nanhas recorded? For he states that in very ancient times, in the consulship of Gaius Sulpicius and Licinius Stolo, a pestilential disease arose in Rome and destroyed to a man all persons appearing on the stage. Accordingly, at the request of the Romans, there came many excellent artists from Etruria, of whom the first in repute and the one who for the longest time enjoyed success in their theatres, was named Hister; and therefore all actors are named histriones from him. Why do they not marry women who are closely akin to them? Do they wish to enlarge their relationships by marriage and to acquire many additional kinsmen

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aristocracy,athenian Brule (2003) 120
elpinice (daughter of miltiades) Brule (2003) 120
endogamy Brule (2003) 120
eurysacidae Brule (2003) 120
house' (oikos),and marriage" '458.0_120.0@alcmaeonidae Brule (2003) 120
marriage,and 'house'" '458.0_120.0@marriage,as exchange Brule (2003) 120
marriage,remarriages Brule (2003) 120
marriage Brule (2003) 120
names,repetition in family Brule (2003) 120
pericles,marriages of women in 'house'" Brule (2003) 120
philadae Brule (2003) 120
poor,marriage amongst Brule (2003) 120
wealth' Brule (2003) 120