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Plutarch, Roman Questions, 285b

nanAnd it is for this reason, perhaps, that they worship Mercury in this month and that the month derives its name from Maia. Or is May, as some relate, named after the older (maior) and June after the younger generation (iunior)? For youth is better fitted for marriage, as Euripides also says: Old age bids Love to take her leave for aye And Aphroditê wearies of the old. They do not, therefore, marry in May, but wait for June which comes next after May. Why do they part the hair of brides with the point of a spear? Does this symbolize the marriage of the first Roman wives by violence with attendant war

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bloodless sacrifices or offerings Ekroth (2013) 108
dead,cult ofthe dead Ekroth (2013) 108
dead,offerings to the dead Ekroth (2013) 108
dining,sacrifices not followed by dining Ekroth (2013) 108
flour,food,offerings of Ekroth (2013) 108
hekate Ekroth (2013) 108
krixos Ekroth (2013) 108
lemuria Ekroth (2013) 108
meals,offered to the dead Ekroth (2013) 108
nero Ekroth (2013) 108
parentalia Ekroth (2013) 108
roman "hero-cults",sacrifices and rituals Ekroth (2013) 108
roman "hero-cults" Ekroth (2013) 108
suicide Ekroth (2013) 108
tomb,of the ordinary dead Ekroth (2013) 108
vestal virgins Ekroth (2013) 108
war,and hero-cult' Ekroth (2013) 108
war dead Ekroth (2013) 108