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Plutarch, Roman Questions, 268b

nanOthers state that December is the tenth from March, January the eleventh, and February the twelfth; and in this month they perform rites of purification and make offerings to the dead, since it is the end of the year. But the order of these months was altered, so they say, and January was put first because in this month on the day of the new moon, which they call the Kalends of January, the first consuls entered office after the kings had been expelled. But more worthy of credence are they who maintain that it was because Romulus was a warrior and a lover of battle, and was thought to be a son of Mars, that he placed first the month which bore Mars' name. But Numa, in turn, who was a lover of peace

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bloodless sacrifices or offerings Ekroth (2013) 108
dead,cult ofthe dead Ekroth (2013) 108
dead,offerings to the dead Ekroth (2013) 108
dining,sacrifices not followed by dining Ekroth (2013) 108
flour,food,offerings of Ekroth (2013) 108
hekate Ekroth (2013) 108
krixos Ekroth (2013) 108
lemuria Ekroth (2013) 108
meals,offered to the dead Ekroth (2013) 108
nero Ekroth (2013) 108
parentalia Ekroth (2013) 108
roman "hero-cults",sacrifices and rituals Ekroth (2013) 108
roman "hero-cults" Ekroth (2013) 108
suicide Ekroth (2013) 108
tomb,of the ordinary dead Ekroth (2013) 108
vestal virgins Ekroth (2013) 108
war,and hero-cult' Ekroth (2013) 108
war dead Ekroth (2013) 108