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Plutarch, Roman Questions, 267e

nanWhy is it that in the shrine of this goddess they do not pray for blessings on their own children, but only on their sisters' children? Is it because Ino was fond of her sister and suckled her sister's son also, but was herself unfortunate in her own children? Or is it that, quite apart from this reason, the custom is morally excellent and produces much goodwill among kindred? Why was it the custom for many of the wealthy to give a tithe of their property to Hercules? Is it because he also sacrificed a tithe of Geryon's cattle in Rome?

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ariadne,and dionysos Lyons (1997) 124
cult,of ino Lyons (1997) 124
dionysos,and ariadne Lyons (1997) 124
dionysos,and heroines Lyons (1997) 124
dionysos,and ino Lyons (1997) 124
farnell Lyons (1997) 124
fontenrose,j. Lyons (1997) 124
heroines,and dionysos Lyons (1997) 124
heroines,and lamentation Lyons (1997) 124
hyakinthos,cult of Lyons (1997) 124
ino-leukothea,and immortality Lyons (1997) 124
ino-leukothea,cult of Lyons (1997) 124
ino-leukothea,dionysos and Lyons (1997) 124
lamentation,and heroines Lyons (1997) 124
learchos Lyons (1997) 124
madness Lyons (1997) 124
maternity,ambivalence toward Lyons (1997) 124
melikertes Lyons (1997) 124
sea,as means of escape or punishment Lyons (1997) 124
stepmothers' Lyons (1997) 124