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Plutarch, Publicola, 5.1

nanAccordingly, when Vindicius came to him and told him the whole story, in the presence of his brother Marcus only, and of his wife, Valerius was struck with consternation and fear, and would not now let the man go, but shut him up in a room and set his own wife to guard the door. Then he ordered his brother to surround the royal residence, seize the letters, if possible, and take the servants into custody. He himself, with the numerous clients and friends who were always about him, and with a large company of retainers, went to the house of the Aquillii, who were not at home.

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corcyraeans Stephens and Winkler (1995) 99
deinias Stephens and Winkler (1995) 99
demo[xenos? Stephens and Winkler (1995) 99
demochares Stephens and Winkler (1995) 99
metiochos and parthenopei Stephens and Winkler (1995) 99
parthenope' Stephens and Winkler (1995) 99