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Plutarch, Publicola, 19.3

nanBut Tarquin and his men got timely intelligence of this, set an ambush for the convoy of the maidens, and attacked them in superior numbers as they passed along. The party attacked defended themselves, nevertheless, and Valeria, the daughter of Publicola, darted through the combatants and fled, and with the help of three attendants who broke through the crowd with her, made good her escape. The rest of the maidens were mingled with the combatants and in peril of their lives. But Aruns, the son of Porsena, learning of the affair, came with all speed to their assistance, put their enemies to flight, and rescued the Romans.

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evaluation,conflicting Roller (2018) 85
tarquinius superbus Roller (2018) 85
vices,perfidy Roller (2018) 85
virtues,fides/pistis' Roller (2018) 85