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Plutarch, Publicola, 16.6

nanThis Cocles, standing at the head of the bridge, kept the enemy back until his companions had cut the bridge in two behind him. Then, all accoutred as he was, he plunged into the river and swam across to the other side, in spite of a wound in the buttocks from a Tuscan spear.

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subject book bibliographic info
authority,submission to,resistance to Mueller (2002) 149
emotions (affectus) Mueller (2002) 149
fortitudo (bravery) Mueller (2002) 149
morality Mueller (2002) 149
mos maiorum (ancestral custom),sanctitas morum Mueller (2002) 149
patientia (endurance) Mueller (2002) 149
philosophy,greek Mueller (2002) 149
philosophy,indian Mueller (2002) 149
plutarch Mueller (2002) 149
safety,personal Mueller (2002) 149
sublician bridge Mueller (2002) 149
torture Mueller (2002) 149
tyranny Mueller (2002) 149
virtue (uirtus),elementa uirtutis (elements of virtue)' Mueller (2002) 149
zeno of elea (greek philosopher) Mueller (2002) 149