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Plutarch, Publicola, 15.6

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1. Plutarch, Publicola, 15.5 (1st cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

2. Tacitus, Agricola, 3.1 (1st cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

3. Strabo, Geography, 16.2.37

16.2.37. His successors continued for some time to observe the same conduct, doing justly, and worshipping God with sincerity. Afterwards superstitious persons were appointed to the priesthood, and then tyrants. From superstition arose abstinence from flesh, from the eating of which it is now the custom to refrain, circumcision, excision, and other practices which the people observe. The tyrannical government produced robbery; for the rebels plundered both their own and the neighbouring countries. Those also who shared in the government seized upon the property of others, and ravaged a large part of Syria and of Phoenicia.Respect, however, was paid to the acropolis; it was not abhorred as the seat of tyranny, but honoured and venerated as a temple.

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