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Plutarch, Publicola, 15.3

nanThe fourth temple, which is now standing on the same site as the others, was both completed and consecrated by Domitian. It is said that Tarquin expended upon its foundations forty thousand pounds of silver. But time greatest wealth now attributed to any private citizen of Rome would not pay the cost of the gilding alone of the present temple, which was more than twelve thousand talents. For purposes of comparison a talent may be reckoned as worth £250, or

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catulus,quintus lutatius Jenkyns (2013) 332
claudius,roman emperor,expulsion of jews from rome by Feldman (2006) 551
domitian,public architecture Jenkyns (2013) 332
juno,temples of Jenkyns (2013) 332
jupiter best and greatest,temple of,restorations Jenkyns (2013) 332
jupiter best and greatest,temple of Jenkyns (2013) 332
olympian zeus,temple at athens Jenkyns (2013) 332
proportion Jenkyns (2013) 332
temple of olympian zeus at athens Jenkyns (2013) 332
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zeus,temple at athens Jenkyns (2013) 332