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Plutarch, Publicola, 15.2

nanThis temple, too was destroyed, during the troublous times of Vitellius, 69 A.D. and Vespasian began and completely finished the third, with the good fortune that attended him in all his undertakings. He lived to see it completed, and did not live to see it destroyed, as it was soon after; and in dying before his work was destroyed he was just so much more fortunate than Sulla, who died before his was consecrated. For upon time death of Vespasian the Capitol was burned. 80 A.D.

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capitol,fire of Santangelo (2013) 134
civil war,between sulla and the marians Santangelo (2013) 134
decline Santangelo (2013) 134
jupiter,capitolinus Santangelo (2013) 134
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