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Plutarch, On Superstition, 169c

nanwith his hand on the plough-handle; and Homer says that Ajax, as he was about to engage in single combat with Hector, bade the Greeks pray to the gods for him, and then, while they were praying, donned his armour; and when Agamemnon enjoined on the fighting men, See that each spear is well sharpened, and each man's shield in good order, at the same time he asked in prayer from Zeus, Grant that Iraze to the level of earth the palace of Priam; for God is brave hope, not cowardly excuse. But the Jews, because it was the Sabbath day, sat in their places immovable, while the enemy were planting ladders against the walls and capturing the defences, and they did not get up, but remained there, fast bound in the toils of superstition as in one great net.

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1. Lucian, Parliament of The Gods, 9 (2nd cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

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atheism,atheists Athanassaki and Titchener (2022) 307
christian Athanassaki and Titchener (2022) 307
de superstitione (plutarch) Neusner Green and Avery-Peck (2022) 162
jewish,jews Athanassaki and Titchener (2022) 307
lucian Neusner Green and Avery-Peck (2022) 162
pistis Athanassaki and Titchener (2022) 307
plutarch Neusner Green and Avery-Peck (2022) 162
religion Athanassaki and Titchener (2022) 307
ritual Athanassaki and Titchener (2022) 307
sabbath Athanassaki and Titchener (2022) 307
superstition' Neusner Green and Avery-Peck (2022) 162
superstition Athanassaki and Titchener (2022) 307
walls,city Athanassaki and Titchener (2022) 307