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Plutarch, On Being A Busybody, 521c

nanwhen they once acquire a habit and practice of scattering their glances in all directions. But, as Ithink, the faculty of vision should not be spinning about outside of us, like an ill‑trained servant girl, but when it is sent on an errand by the soul it should quickly reach its destination and deliver its message, then return again in good order within the governance of the reason and heed its command. But as it is, the words of Sophocles come true: Then the Aenianian's hard-mouthed yearlings break From his control and bolt; that is, the senses which have not received what we called above right instruction and training run away, dragging the intellect with them, and often plunge it into deep disaster. Consequently, though that story about Democritus is false

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anteia Howley (2018) 26
apuleius Howley (2018) 25, 26, 27
arulenus rusticus Howley (2018) 26
bellerophon Howley (2018) 26
chilo Howley (2018) 24
democritus' Howley (2018) 28
democritus Howley (2018) 27