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Plutarch, On Being A Busybody, 516c

nanand what AandB's private conversation in the corner was about. Yet Socrates went about seeking to solve the question of what arguments Pythagoras used to carry conviction; and Aristippus, when he met Ischomachus at Olympia, asked him by what manner of conversation Socrates succeeded in so affecting the young men. And when Aristippus had gleaned afew odd seeds and samples of Socrates' talk, he was so moved that he suffered a physical collapse and became quite pale and thin. Finally he sailed for Athens and slaked his burning thirst with draughts from the fountain-head, and engaged in a study of the man and his words and his philosophy, of which the end and aim was to come to recognize one's own vices and so rid oneself of them. Yet there are some who cannot bear to face their own lives

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aristippus of cyrene,and hedonism Wolfsdorf (2020) 389
aristippus of cyrene,life and character Wolfsdorf (2020) 389
aristippus of cyrene Wolfsdorf (2020) 389
hedonism Wolfsdorf (2020) 389
pain Wolfsdorf (2020) 389
pleasure (ἡδονή\u200e),in aristippus Wolfsdorf (2020) 389
socrates,and aristippus Wolfsdorf (2020) 389
telos,for aristippus' Wolfsdorf (2020) 389