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Plutarch, Lucullus, 10.2

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1. Plutarch, Aristides, 11.3-11.8 (1st cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

2. Plutarch, Camillus, 6.1 (1st cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

6.1. After he had utterly sacked the city, he determined to transfer the image of Juno to Rome, in accordance with his vows. The workmen were assembled for the purpose, and Camillus was sacrificing and praying the goddess to accept of their zeal and to be a kindly co-dweller with the gods of Rome, when the image, they say, spoke in low tones and said she was ready and willing.
3. Plutarch, Cicero, 44.2-44.4 (1st cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

4. Plutarch, Lysander, 20.5 (1st cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

5. Plutarch, Pericles, 13.8 (1st cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

13.8. One of its artificers, the most active and zealous of them all, lost his footing and fell from a great height, and lay in a sorry plight, despaired of by the physicians. Pericles was much cast down at this, but the goddess appeared to him in a dream and prescribed a course of treatment for him to use, so that he speedily and easily healed the man. It was in commemoration of this that he set up the bronze statue of Athena Hygieia on the acropolis near the altar of that goddess, which was there before, as they say.
6. Plutarch, Romulus, 2.5 (1st cent. CE - 2nd cent. CE)

2.5. When Tarchetius learned of this, he was wroth, and seized both the maidens, purposing to put them to death. But the goddess Hestia appeared to him in his sleep and forbade him the murder. He therefore imposed upon the maidens the weaving of a certain web in their imprisonment, assuring them that when they had finished the weaving of it, they should then be given in marriage. By day, then, these maidens wove, but by night other maidens, at the command of Tarchetius, unravelled their web. And when the handmaid became the mother of twin children by the phantom, Tarchetius gave them to a certain Teratius with orders to destroy them.

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anthropomorphism Lipka (2021) 162
aphrodite Lipka (2021) 162
athena Lipka (2021) 162
caesar,gaius iulius Lipka (2021) 162
cult Lipka (2021) 162
culture Lipka (2021) 162
demeter Lipka (2021) 162
dramaturgy Lipka (2021) 162
dream,passim,esp.,anticipatory function of sign dream Lipka (2021) 162
dream,passim,esp.,anxiety dream Lipka (2021) 162
dream,passim,esp.,epiphany dream Lipka (2021) 162
dream,passim,esp.,sign dream (= episode dream) Lipka (2021) 162
dream-mindedness Lipka (2021) 162
epiphany story' Cohen (2010) 170
iuno,veian Lipka (2021) 162
lifeworld,lifeworld experience Lipka (2021) 162
lindos,siege by datis Cohen (2010) 170
luna Lipka (2021) 162
magic) Lipka (2021) 162
numa Lipka (2021) 162
persephone Lipka (2021) 162
plot Lipka (2021) 162
statue,divine Lipka (2021) 162
veii Lipka (2021) 162
zeus,ammon Lipka (2021) 162