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Plutarch, Fabius, 8.3

nanAn exaggerated version of the affair speedily made its way to Rome, and Fabius, when he heard it, said he was more afraid of the success of Minucius than he would be of his failure. But the people were exalted in spirit and joyfully ran to a meeting in the forum. There Metilius their tribune mounted the rostra and harangued them, extolling Minucius, but denouncing Fabius, not as a weakling merely, nor yet as a coward, but actually as a traitor.

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subject book bibliographic info
ambitio (canvassing) Jenkyns (2013) 159
brutus,marcus Jenkyns (2013) 159
campus martius,funerals Jenkyns (2013) 159
canvassing (ambitio) Jenkyns (2013) 159
capitol,during civil unrest Jenkyns (2013) 159
concursus (running together) Jenkyns (2013) 159
coriolanus Jenkyns (2013) 159
crowds Jenkyns (2013) 159
curia (senate-house),during civil unrest Jenkyns (2013) 159
forum,crowds in Jenkyns (2013) 159
forum,during civil unrest Jenkyns (2013) 159
forum,political dimensions Jenkyns (2013) 159
galba,emperor Jenkyns (2013) 159
germanicus Jenkyns (2013) 159
gracchus,tiberius Jenkyns (2013) 159
jupiter best and greatest,temple of,during civil unrest Jenkyns (2013) 159
lucullus Jenkyns (2013) 159
movement in the city,during civil unrest Jenkyns (2013) 159
movement in the city,language of Jenkyns (2013) 159
movement in the city,walking and running Jenkyns (2013) 159
movement in the city Jenkyns (2013) 159
nero (emperor) Jenkyns (2013) 159
ofella,lucius Jenkyns (2013) 159
prensare (to keep grasping) Jenkyns (2013) 159
running Jenkyns (2013) 159
senate,and people of rome Jenkyns (2013) 159
senate,during civil unrest Jenkyns (2013) 159
titus,emperor Jenkyns (2013) 159
volitare (to flit)' Jenkyns (2013) 159