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Plutarch, Fabius, 5.5

nanAll the more therefore did he indulge his arrogance and boldness, and scoffed at their encampments on the heights, where, as he said, the dictator was always arranging beautiful theatres for their spectacle of Italy laid waste with fire and sword. And he would ask the friends of Fabius whether he was taking his army up into heaven, having lost all hope of earth, or whether he wrapped himself in clouds and mists merely to run away from the enemy.

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subject book bibliographic info
auspicato,repetition of Konrad (2022) 26
dictator Konrad (2022) 26
fabius maximus rullianus,q.,papirius cursor,dispute with Konrad (2022) 26
fabius maximus rullianus,q.,tradition of victory Konrad (2022) 26
fabius maximus verrucosus,q.,auspices,repeated/upheld by Konrad (2022) 26
fabius maximus verrucosus,q.,magister equitum,conflict with Konrad (2022) 26
fabius maximus verrucosus,q.,recalled to rome sacrorum causa Konrad (2022) 26
fabius pictor,q.,common source for fabius maximus-minucius rufus dispute Konrad (2022) 26
geganius macerinus,m.,gereonium,battle of Konrad (2022) 26
hannibal barqa Konrad (2022) 26
imperium,of dictator Konrad (2022) 26
imperium,of magister equitum Konrad (2022) 26
livy,and fabius maximus-minucius rufus dispute Konrad (2022) 26
livy,and fabius rullianus-papirius cursor dispute Konrad (2022) 26
magister equitum,army,command of Konrad (2022) 26
magister equitum,imperium of,made equal to dictators Konrad (2022) 26
magister equitum Konrad (2022) 26
metilius,m. Konrad (2022) 26
minucius rufus,m.,dictator,conflict with Konrad (2022) 26
minucius rufus,m.,imperium made equal to dictators Konrad (2022) 26
papirius cursor,l.,fabius rullianus,dispute with Konrad (2022) 26
plebiscite Konrad (2022) 26
polybios of megalopolis,and fabius maximus-minucius rufus dispute Konrad (2022) 26
punic wars,second Konrad (2022) 26
sacra' Konrad (2022) 26