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Plutarch, Fabius, 14.1

nanAfter this, Fabius laid down his office, and consuls were again appointed. The first of these maintained the style of warfare which Fabius had ordained. They avoided a pitched battle with Hannibal, but gave aid and succour to their allies, and prevented their falling away. But when Terentius Varro was elevated to the consulship, a man whose birth was obscure and whose life was conspicuous for servile flattery of the people and for rashness, it was clear that in his inexperience and temerity he would stake the entire issue upon the hazard of a single throw.

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subject book bibliographic info
appian of alexandria,on magistrates under dictator,termination of Konrad (2022) 82
atilius regulus,m. Konrad (2022) 82
consuls,suffect Konrad (2022) 82
dictator,approached by consul without lictors Konrad (2022) 82
dictator,authority over/suspension of other magistrates Konrad (2022) 82
dictator,horse,permission to ride on Konrad (2022) 82
dictator,lictors,twenty-four Konrad (2022) 82
dictator Konrad (2022) 82
dionysios of halikarnassos,on magistrates under dictator Konrad (2022) 82
fabius maximus verrucosus,q.,consul,removed from command by Konrad (2022) 82
livy,on dictator and other magistrates Konrad (2022) 82
magister equitum,action,capable of independent Konrad (2022) 82
minucius rufus,m. Konrad (2022) 82
plutarch of khaironeia,on dictator and other magistrates Konrad (2022) 82
plutarch of khaironeia,on dictator riding on horse Konrad (2022) 82
polybios of megalopolis,on suspension of magistrates under dictator Konrad (2022) 82
scribonius curio,c. Konrad (2022) 82
servilius geminus,cn.,command,removed from by dictator Konrad (2022) 82
technically not magistrates Konrad (2022) 82
tribunes of the plebs,dictator,retain powers under' Konrad (2022) 82