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Plutarch, Fabius, 12.3

nanWell then, as soon as he appeared upon the scene, he routed and dispersed the Numidians who were galloping about in the plain. Then he made against those who were attacking the rear of the Romans under Minucius, and slew those whom he encountered. But the rest of them, ere they were cut off and surrounded in their own turn, as the Romans had been by them, gave way and fled.

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subject book bibliographic info
cornelius cossus,a. Konrad (2022) 209
cornelius scipio nasica serapio,p. Konrad (2022) 209
dictator Konrad (2022) 209
fabius maximus verrucosus,q.,dictatorship,first of Konrad (2022) 209
fabius maximus verrucosus,q.,flaminius,named magister equitum by Konrad (2022) 209
flaminius,c. Konrad (2022) 209
interregnum, in 223/2 Konrad (2022) 209
laelius,c. Konrad (2022) 209
magister equitum,imperium of,made equal to dictators Konrad (2022) 209
minucius rufus,m.,dictator,considered to be Konrad (2022) 209
minucius rufus,m.,hercules,altar dedicated to Konrad (2022) 209
minucius rufus,m.,imperium made equal to dictators Konrad (2022) 209
plutarch of khaironeia,memory,reliance on Konrad (2022) 209
plutarch of khaironeia,on flaminius as magister equitum Konrad (2022) 209
quinctius capitolinus,t. Konrad (2022) 209
valerius maximus,on flaminius as magister equitum Konrad (2022) 209
vows' Konrad (2022) 209