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Plutarch, Advice About Keeping Well, 135b

nanFor it is not safe, nor easy, nor befitting a citizen or a man, but like the life of an oyster or the trunk of a tree — this immutability and forced compliance in the matter of food and abstinence, movement and rest; it is fitting only for men who have reduced and restricted themselves to a retired, idle, solitary, friendless, and inglorious life, far removed from the duties of citizenship. No," said he, "it fits not with my opinion." For health is not to be purchased by idleness and inactivity, which are the greatest evils attendant on sickness, and the man who thinks to conserve his health by uselessness and ease does not differ from him who guards his eyes by not seeing

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amphictyons,amphictyony Athanassaki and Titchener (2022) 271
epicurus,epicurean Athanassaki and Titchener (2022) 271
ideal,idealism Athanassaki and Titchener (2022) 271
pragmatism' Athanassaki and Titchener (2022) 271
stoic Athanassaki and Titchener (2022) 271