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Plato, Menexenus, 245c

nanthinking that we would refuse and thus furnish him with a pretext for his desertion. Now in the case of the rest of his allies he was mistaken; for they all— including the Corinthians, Argives, Boeotians, and the rest—consented to hand them over to him, making a sworn agreement that if he would supply them with money they would hand over the Greeks in the Continent ; but we, and we alone, could not bring ourselves either to hand them over or to join in the agreement. So firmly-rooted and so sound is the noble and liberal character of our city, and endowed also

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antiphon,identity/-ies of Wolfsdorf (2020) 150
antiphon,in xenophon Wolfsdorf (2020) 150
antiphon,writings Wolfsdorf (2020) 150
antiphon Wolfsdorf (2020) 150
autochthony,of the athenians Isaac (2004) 123
bastianini,guido Wolfsdorf (2020) 150
decleva caizzi,fernanda Wolfsdorf (2020) 150
democracy,antiphon and' Wolfsdorf (2020) 150
descent and lineage,greek views on Isaac (2004) 123
diels,hermann Wolfsdorf (2020) 150
europe,contrasted with asia Isaac (2004) 287
funghi,maria serena Wolfsdorf (2020) 150
gagarin,michael Wolfsdorf (2020) 150
isocrates,on the persians Isaac (2004) 287
isocrates,on the struggle between europe and asia Isaac (2004) 287
pendrick,gerard j. Wolfsdorf (2020) 150
plato,on athenian autochthony and pure lineage Isaac (2004) 123
wilamowitz-moellendorf,ulrich von Wolfsdorf (2020) 150