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Plato, Menexenus, 237a

nanSoc. Where then could we discover a speech like that? Or how could we rightly commence our laudation of these valiant men, who in their lifetime delighted their friends by their virtue, and purchased the safety of the living by their deaths? We ought, in my judgement, to adopt the natural order in our praise, even as the men themselves were natural in their virtue. And virtuous they were because they were sprung from men of virtue. Firstly, then, let us eulogize their nobility of birth, and secondly their nurture and training:

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acacius Fowler (2014) 127
antioch Fowler (2014) 127
belus Fowler (2014) 127
bradley,keith Penniman (2017) 258
butler,judith' Penniman (2017) 258
eryximachus Fowler (2014) 127
father Fowler (2014) 127
good Fowler (2014) 127
gorgias Fowler (2014) 127
julian Fowler (2014) 127
law Fowler (2014) 127
libanius Fowler (2014) 127
plato,alcibiades Fowler (2014) 127
plato,gorgias Fowler (2014) 127
plato,menexenus Fowler (2014) 127
plato,phaedo Fowler (2014) 127
plato,symposium Fowler (2014) 127
plato Fowler (2014) 127
poet,poetry Fowler (2014) 127
polus Fowler (2014) 127
pompeianus Fowler (2014) 127
praeses arabiae Fowler (2014) 127
sophist Fowler (2014) 127
zenobius Fowler (2014) 127