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Plato, Menexenus, 236a

nanfor these are my two instructors, the one in music, the other in rhetoric. So it is not surprising that a man who is trained like me should be clever at speaking. But even a man less well taught than I, who had learnt his music from Lamprus and his rhetoric from Antiphon the Rhamnusian, —even such a one, I say, could none the less win credit by praising Athenians before an Athenian audience. Men. What, then, would you have to say, if you were required to speak? Soc. Nothing, perhaps, myself of my own invention;

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subject book bibliographic info
alcaeus,quoted by philocleon in wasps (aristophanes) Cosgrove (2022) 98
aristophanes,mousikē Cosgrove (2022) 98
connus (citharist) Cosgrove (2022) 98
demos Cosgrove (2022) 98
education (music),socrates Cosgrove (2022) 98
eupolis Cosgrove (2022) 98
harmodius scolion,in aristophanes wasps Cosgrove (2022) 98
lyres/lyrody/citharas/citharists,and the demos Cosgrove (2022) 98
mousikē,and aristophanes wasps Cosgrove (2022) 98
mousikē Cosgrove (2022) 98
philocleon (in aristophanes wasps) Cosgrove (2022) 98
plato,charmides,playing instruments Cosgrove (2022) 98
plato,crito,education Cosgrove (2022) 98
plato,euthydemus Cosgrove (2022) 98
socrates,in eupolis Cosgrove (2022) 98
socrates,in platos crito Cosgrove (2022) 98
socrates,in platos euthydemus Cosgrove (2022) 98
socrates,musical education Cosgrove (2022) 98
vase paintings,singing' Cosgrove (2022) 98