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Plato, Ion, 542a

nanin Homeric lore. Now if you are an artist and, as I was saying just now, you only promised me a display about Homer to deceive me, you are playing me false; whilst if you are no artist, but speak fully and finely about Homer, as I said you did, without any knowledge but by a divine dispensation which causes you to be possessed by the poet, you play quite fair. Choose therefore which of the two you prefer us to call you, dishonest or divine. Ion. The difference is great, Socrates; for it is far nobler to be called divine.

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subject book bibliographic info
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artemis Mikalson (2010) 221
athena Mikalson (2010) 221
dionysus,and wine Mikalson (2010) 221
dionysus Mikalson (2010) 221
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poets and poetry,and apollo Mikalson (2010) 221
poets and poetry,and divine inspiration Mikalson (2010) 221
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zeus,horios Mikalson (2010) 221
zeus,of magnesia Mikalson (2010) 221
zeus,patroo┬Ęs Mikalson (2010) 221
zeus,phratrios Mikalson (2010) 221
zeus,poliouchos Mikalson (2010) 221
zeus,xenios Mikalson (2010) 221
zeus Mikalson (2010) 221