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Plato, Ion, 541d

nanand Phanosthenes of Andros, and Heracleides of Clazomenae, whom my city invests with the high command and other offices although they are foreigners, because they have proved themselves to be competent. And will she not choose Ion of Ephesus as her general, and honor him, if he shows himself competent? Why, you Ephesians are by origin Athenians, are you not, and Ephesus is inferior to no city?

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elenchus Legaspi (2018) 115
euthyphro Legaspi (2018) 115
piety,in euthyphro Legaspi (2018) 115
poets Legaspi (2018) 115
socrates Legaspi (2018) 115
technē' Legaspi (2018) 115