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Plato, Ion, 541c

nanOr do you suppose that the Greeks feel a great need of a rhapsode in the glory of his golden crown, but of a general none at all? Ion. It is because my city, Socrates, is under the rule and generalship of your people, and is not in want of a general; whilst you and Sparta would not choose me as a general, since you think you manage well enough for yourselves. Soc. My excellent Ion, you are acquainted with Apollodorus of Cyzicus, are you not? Ion. What might he be? Soc. A man whom the Athenians have often chosen as their general, though a foreigner;

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elenchus Legaspi (2018) 115
euthyphro Legaspi (2018) 115
piety,in euthyphro Legaspi (2018) 115
poets Legaspi (2018) 115
socrates Legaspi (2018) 115
technē' Legaspi (2018) 115