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Plato, Ion, 536d

nanwhy you can speak at large on Homer but not on the rest, I tell you it is because your skill in praising Homer comes not by art, but by divine dispensation. Ion. Well spoken, I grant you, Socrates; but still I shall be surprised if you can speak well enough to convince me that I am possessed and mad when I praise Homer. Nor can I think you would believe it of me yourself, if you heard me speaking about him. Soc. I declare I am quite willing to hear you, but not until

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subject book bibliographic info
apollo,musegetes Mikalson (2010) 221
artemis Mikalson (2010) 221
athena Mikalson (2010) 221
dionysus,and wine Mikalson (2010) 221
dionysus Mikalson (2010) 221
hephaestus Mikalson (2010) 221
muses Mikalson (2010) 221
poets and poetry,and apollo Mikalson (2010) 221
poets and poetry,and divine inspiration Mikalson (2010) 221
poets and poetry,and muses Mikalson (2010) 221
prometheus Mikalson (2010) 221
war,success in,and athena Mikalson (2010) 221
xenoi,and zeus xenios' Mikalson (2010) 221
zeus,herkeios Mikalson (2010) 221
zeus,homophylos Mikalson (2010) 221
zeus,horios Mikalson (2010) 221
zeus,of magnesia Mikalson (2010) 221
zeus,patroo┬Ęs Mikalson (2010) 221
zeus,phratrios Mikalson (2010) 221
zeus,poliouchos Mikalson (2010) 221
zeus,xenios Mikalson (2010) 221
zeus Mikalson (2010) 221