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Plato, Ion, 535e

nanIon. Yes, very fully aware: for I look down upon them from the platform and see them at such moments crying and turning awestruck eyes upon me and yielding to the amazement of my tale. For I have to pay the closest attention to them; since, if I set them crying, I shall laugh myself because of the money I take, but if they laugh, I myself shall cry because of the money I lose. Soc. And are you aware that your spectator is the last of the rings which I spoke of as receiving from each other the power transmitted from the Heraclean lodestone?

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alexandrian exegesis,milieu Černušková (2016) 267
exegesis Černušková (2016) 267
logos-theology Černušková (2016) 267
metaphor' Černušková (2016) 267
plato Černušková (2016) 267