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Plato, Ion, 535b

nanSoc. Stop now and tell me, Ion, without reserve what I may choose to ask you: when you give a good recitation and specially thrill your audience, either with the lay of Odysseus leaping forth on to the threshold, revealing himself to the suitors and pouring out the arrows before his feet, or of Achilles dashing at Hector, or some part of the sad story of Andromache or of Hecuba, or of Priam, are you then in your senses, or are you carried out of yourself, and does your soul in an ecstasy suppose

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plato Lightfoot (2021) 183
sophists Lightfoot (2021) 183
symposium Lightfoot (2021) 183
thaumatopoiia Lightfoot (2021) 183
thaumatourgia' Lightfoot (2021) 183
xenophon Lightfoot (2021) 183