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Plato, Ion, 532d

nanSoc. And when one has acquired any other art whatever as a whole, the same principle of inquiry holds through all the arts? Do you require some explanation from me, Ion, of what I mean by this? Ion. Yes, upon my word, Socrates, I do; for I enjoy listening to you wise men. Soc. I only wish you were right there, Ion: but surely it is you rhapsodes and actors, and the men whose poems you chant, who are wise; whereas I speak but the plain truth, as a simple layman might.

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aristophanes Legaspi (2018) 114
brague,remi Legaspi (2018) 114
homer Legaspi (2018) 114
knowledge Legaspi (2018) 114
poets' Legaspi (2018) 114
socrates Legaspi (2018) 114