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Plato, Ion, 532b

nanyou could distinguish also the inferiority of the worse speakers. Ion. So it would seem. Soc. Then, my excellent friend, we shall not be wrong in saying that our Ion is equally skilled in Homer and in the other poets, seeing that you yourself admit that the same man will be a competent judge of all who speak on the same things, and that practically all the poets treat of the same things. Ion. Then what can be the reason, Socrates, why I pay no attention when somebody discusses any other poet, and am unable to offer any remark at all of any value

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allusion Fowler (2014) 240
choricius Fowler (2014) 240
hesiod Fowler (2014) 240
homer Fowler (2014) 240
muse/muses Fowler (2014) 240
plato,ion Fowler (2014) 240
plato Fowler (2014) 240
poet,poetry Fowler (2014) 240
technē/τέχνη' Fowler (2014) 240