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Plato, Ion, 531d

nanAre not these the subjects of Homer’s poetry? Ion. What you say is true, Socrates. Soc. And what of the other poets? Do they not treat of the same things? Ion. Yes; but, Socrates, not on Homer’s level. Soc. What, in a worse way? Ion. Far worse. Soc. And Homer in a better? Ion. Better indeed, I assure you. Soc. Well now, Ion, dear soul; when several people are talking about number, and one of them speaks better than the rest, I suppose there is some one who will distinguish the good speaker?

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subject book bibliographic info
athena,of athens Mikalson (2010) 237
demiurge' Mikalson (2010) 237
helen Mikalson (2010) 237
hesiod,gods of Mikalson (2010) 237
hesiod Mikalson (2010) 237
homer,gods of Mikalson (2010) 237
homer Mikalson (2010) 237
pindar Mikalson (2010) 237
theseus Mikalson (2010) 237