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Plato, Ion, 531c

nanand not in Hesiod or the other poets? Does Homer speak of any other than the very things that all the other poets speak of? Has he not described war for the most part, and the mutual intercourse of men, good and bad, lay and professional, and the ways of the gods in their intercourse with each other and with men, and happenings in the heavens and in the underworld, and origins of gods and heroes?

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subject book bibliographic info
athena,of athens Mikalson (2010) 237
dedications,and service to gods Mikalson (2010) 43
demiurge' Mikalson (2010) 237
divination,and service to gods Mikalson (2010) 43
helen Mikalson (2010) 237
hesiod,gods of Mikalson (2010) 237
hesiod Mikalson (2010) 237
homer,gods of Mikalson (2010) 237
homer Mikalson (2010) 237
pindar Mikalson (2010) 237
prayers,and charis Mikalson (2010) 43
prayers,and religious correctness Mikalson (2010) 43
prayers,and service to gods Mikalson (2010) 43
prayers,persuading gods Mikalson (2010) 43
prayers Mikalson (2010) 43
sacrifices Mikalson (2010) 43
suppliants Mikalson (2010) 43
theseus Mikalson (2010) 237