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Plato, Ion, 531b

nanSoc. But what of those where they do not say the same? For example, about the seer’s art, on which both Homer and Hesiod say something. Ion. Quite so. Soc. Well then, would you, or one of the good seers, expound better what these two poets say, not only alike but differently, about the seer’s art? Ion. One of the seers. Soc. And if you were a seer, would you not, with an ability to expound what they say in agreement, know also how to expound the points on which they differ? Ion. Of course. Soc. Then how is it that you are skilled in Homer

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subject book bibliographic info
allusion Fowler (2014) 240
choricius Fowler (2014) 240
cosmos,material Struck (2016) 44
craftsman,diviner as Struck (2016) 44
divination,as technê/skill Struck (2016) 44
hesiod Fowler (2014) 240
homer Fowler (2014) 240
mantis (diviner) Struck (2016) 44
muse/muses Fowler (2014) 240
plato,ion Fowler (2014) 240
plato Fowler (2014) 240
poet,poetry Fowler (2014) 240
soul Struck (2016) 44
technê (craft ) Struck (2016) 44
technē/τέχνη' Fowler (2014) 240
wisdom Struck (2016) 44